2GIG EDGE – Battery Replacement

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2GIG EDGE – Battery Replacement

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The content on this page has been written by a third party and is not maintained by Alarm.com.Any questions regarding the installation, maintenance, and/or usage instructions in this guide should be directed to the device manufacturer.To access the full installation guide, see 2GIG EDGE – Installation Guide

The 2GIG EDGE requires a special battery pack available for purchase from the manufacturer.

To replace the battery in a 2GIG EDGE:

If desired, put the system in test mode with the monitoring station before proceeding. For more information, see Put a system On Test with the monitoring station.

  1. Disarm the panel.
  2. Power off the panel.
    1. Remove AC power from the panel.
    2. Disconnect the panel from the mounting plate.
    3. Disconnect the old battery from the PCB battery connector.
  3. Ensure the backup battery is properly seated in the 2GIG EDGE chassis. The battery’s label should be facing up and the battery’s connector wire should be on the left with the wire running in the empty space between the battery compartment.
  4. Insert the wired battery pin into the PCB battery connector.
  5. Reconnect the panel to the mounting plate.
  6. Restore AC power.

Important considerations 

  • Batteries must not be misused. 
  • Lithium batteries have a cycle life, so replace the old battery when it reaches its service life.
  • While replacing the battery pack, it’s important to handle it with care. Do not drop or damage the battery. Follow replacement instructions, and transport the old battery pack in a special battery fireproof bag. Consult local regulations to dispose of old batteries.
  • Must keep battery pack away from children.
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