August Smart Lock Pro – Battery Replacement

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August Smart Lock Pro – Battery Replacement

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The August Smart Lock Pro requires four AA alkaline batteries. Remove and replace all four batteries at the same time. 

To replace the batteries in an August Smart Lock Pro: 

  1. Press down on the August logo located on the faceplate. The top of the faceplate will tilt outward. Grab the faceplate and remove it.

    Remove face plate.png

  2. Remove all four AA batteries. 

    Remove batteries.png

  3. Insert four new AA batteries with the positive (+) side up.
    • Verify the batteries snap into place.
    • The lights on the August Smart Lock Pro will flash green.
  4. Reinstall the faceplate back onto the August Smart Lock Pro.
    • Verify the August logo is located along the bottom of the faceplate.
    • The faceplate attaches with magnets onto the August Smart Lock. 

      Replace cover on face plate.png

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