Change The Number Of Days To Keep Video Clips Before Deletion

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Users can limit how many days a video clip can stay on their account. By default, the clips stay on the account until your online storage filled. After the online storage is full, unprotected video clips are deleted oldest to newest as new clips arrive.

Note: Protected clips cannot be deleted by an automated process.

To change how many days a video clip can stay in online storage:

This setting applies to individual cameras. Each camera must be configured for clips to be deleted, at a specific age, across the entire account.

  1. Log into the website.
  2. Click Video.
  3. On the Video banner, click Settings.
  4. Using the Video Device dropdown menu, select the video device to edit. If you have more than one camera to edit, repeat the steps as necessary.
  5. Click Saved Video.
  6. Using the Limit the number of days to keep clips dropdown menu, select the number of days to keep unprotected clips before automatic deletion.
  7. Click Save.

If video clips do not stay on the account long enough

If your video clips are being overwritten too quickly, your camera may be recording too much or the storage on your account may be too small. Contact your service provider for assistance.


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