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You can change a video device’s network information manually using the website while the device has power and is still connected to an active network with an Ethernet cable.

To change a video camera’s wireless network settings:

Important: These settings can only be changed if the video device is connected to power and is currently connected to the internet with an Ethernet cable.

  1. Log into the website. 
  2. Click Video.
  3. On the Video banner, click Settings.
  4. Using the Video Device dropdown menu, select the video device to edit.
  5. Click Wireless Network.
  6. To enter the new settings:
    • Click Smart Gateway to connect the video device to a Smart Gateway on your account if you have one.
    • Click Copy to copy the network information from another connected camera.
    • Click Scan to scan for, enter the Wi-Fi password, and connect the video device to a broadcasting Wi-Fi network.
    • Click Manual to manually enter the network’s SSID, Wi-Fi password, and encryption type.
  7. To apply the new wireless settings to all the cameras on the account:
    1. Click Advanced.
    2. Click to select Apply these settings to all wireless cameras on this account.
  8. Click Continue to apply the new wireless network settings.

To change a Wi-Fi Doorbell Camera’s wireless network settings:

Whenever the router’s wireless network information is changed, the Doorbell Camera needs to be re-enrolled.

Important: A Doorbell Camera can only be re-enrolled using the app. 

  1. Put the Doorbell Camera into access point (AP) mode by pressing and holding the button on the Doorbell Camera for 1 minute until the LED starts flashing green.
  2. Add the new wireless information using the app:
    1. Log into the app.
    2. Tap Menu.
    3. Tap Doorbell Camera.
    4. Tap Settings.
    5. Tap Add Another Camera.

      Note: If you do not see this option, the Doorbell Camera must be removed from the account before it can be enrolled again. Contact your service provider for further assistance.

    6. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the Doorbell Camera configuration.

Need more help?

If your video camera’s Wi-Fi settings are failing to update or the camera is unable to reconnect, contact your service provider for further assistance. 

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