Connected Car – Frequently Asked Questions

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Connected Car – Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently asked questions

Can a standalone Connected Car account be created?

Yes. When creating a customer account, select Standalone (Access Control, Video, Cellular Sensor and/or Connected Car) to create an account that only includes the Connected Car solution. For more information about creating customer accounts, see How to create Alert 360 customer account.

How many Car Connectors can be added to a customer account?

Up to five Car Connectors can be used simultaneously on a single customer account.

Does the Car Connector need to be deleted and re-added when installed in a new vehicle?

No. The new car should detect the Car Connector once it is plugged in and the ignition is started. Once calibration is complete after the first trip or so, the device name should update automatically to the make and model of the new car.

What if the device obstructs normal driving operation when plugged in?

The Car Connector can be connected to an OBD-II extension cable for installation in a better location in the vehicle. Never use the device in a way that could potentially interfere with your ability to safely operate the vehicle.

Why is the fuel level not displaying for the vehicle?

Reading of the fuel level is not supported on the vehicle. The fuel level can only be displayed when the vehicle reports a value through the OBD-II port and the Car Connector is able to read it.

What is the Hibernating status?

If your car’s engine has been off for a week, the Car Connector will enter a deep sleep mode to prevent draining the car’s battery. The Car Connector will stop communicating information until the engine is started again.

Why didn’t the customer get a notification when the low fuel indicator on the vehicle dashboard turned on?

The low fuel notification is sent when the fuel level drops below the user-defined threshold in the Car Settings page in the Customer app that may be different from when the vehicle reports low fuel.

When will the customer get notifications for excessive speed, sudden acceleration, or hard braking?

Thresholds for these alerts can be configured by going to the Car Settings page in the Customer app.

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