Create A Wired Input/Output Recording Rule

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Create A Wired Input/Output Recording Rule

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A Wired Input/Output recording rule records video when a sensor hardwired to the camera is triggered.

To create a wired input/output recording rule using the website:

  1. Log into the website.
  2. Click Video.
  3. Click Recording Rules.
  4. Click + Add Rule.
  5. Click Wired input/Output.
  6. Name the new recording rule.
  7. Using the Record a clip when dropdown menu, select which camera should record a clip when its I/O port is triggered .
  8. In During this time frame, select the time frame for the rule to be active.
  9. Using the Minimum delay between camera-triggered clip uploads dropdown menu, select the a delay time to limit the number of clips recorded.
  10. In At home settings, select desired settings for the rule to not record when the system is Disarmed, Armed Stay, or a Geo-Device is inside the home fence.
  11. In Video Clip Recipients, click + Add Recipients to be notified when the recording rule is triggered. 
    1. Click the entries in the Address Book that are to be notified, or click + New to add a new Address Book entry.
    2. Once all desired recipients are selected, click Close.
  12. Verify the recording rule is configured with the correct settings.
  13. Click Save Rule.
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