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All video recording rules can be deleted from the website. The only video recording rules that can be deleted using the app are Video Analytics recording rules.

To delete a video recording rule using the website:

Caution: When deleting a local recording rule where a video device records to an SVR (Stream Video Recorder), the video device’s associated footage will be removed from the SVR.

  1. Log into the website.
  2. Click Video.
  3. Click Recording Rules.
  4. Click  on the recording rule to be deleted.
  5.  On the Delete Rule pop up window, click Yes.

To delete a Video Analytics recording rule using the app:

  • Log into the app.
  • Tap Menu.
  • Tap Video.
  • Tap Configure.
  • Tap Recording Rules.
  • On the Video Analytics recording rule to delete, tap Delete.
  • Tap Delete rule.
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