DSC Impassa – Battery Replacement

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DSC Impassa – Battery Replacement

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The DSC Impassa requires a special battery pack available for purchase from online retailers.

For systems without an alternate communicator, a 1500 mAh Ni-Mh battery is included to meet battery standby requirements. For systems with an alternate communicator, a 3600 mAh Ni-MH battery is included. If upgrading the battery from 1500 mAh to 3600 mAh, refer to Section [701] Option 7 in panel programming.


  • UL/ULC Residential Burglary installations require four-hour battery standby time plus four minutes alarm annunciation.
  • UL/ULC Residential Fire installations require 24-hour battery standby plus five minutes alarm annunciation. Requires 3600 mAh battery.
  • Battery life is three to five years under typical operating conditions. Battery capacity deteriorates with age and number of change/discharge cycles. Replace the battery every three to five years.

Caution: Handle the battery pack with care. Do not subject to mechanical shock.

Open panel.png      Open panel (G, I, D models).png

To replace the battery in a DSC Impassa:

If desired, put the system in test mode with the monitoring station before proceeding. 

  1. Disarm the panel.
  2. Remove AC power from the panel.
  3. Disconnect the panel from the mounting plate.

    Open the panel cover.png

  4. Disconnect the battery connector.
  5. Remove the old battery.
  6. Install the new battery.
  7. Reconnect the panel to the mounting plate.
  8. Restore AC power to the panel.
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