DSC PowerSeries Neo – Battery Replacement

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DSC PowerSeries Neo – Battery Replacement

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The battery used for a DSC PowerSeries Neo depends on the desired standby time. Use the chart in this article to determine the required battery. Battery capacity deteriorates with age and the number of charge/discharge cycles. Replace every 3-5 years.

Note: For UL installations, a sealed, rechargeable, lead-acid battery or gel type battery is required to meet UL requirements for power standby times.

The DSC PowerSeries Neo panel can be programmed to charge the battery at 400mA or 700mA.

Battery selection chart

After calculating the battery capacity (B) for each specific installation, use the following table to determine the battery required to support the main panel in standby mode for:

  • 4 hours (UL commercial burglary/residential burglary)
  • 12 hours (EN50131)
  • 24 hours (UL/ULC residential fire, ULC commercial burglary, ULC commercial fire monitoring – no bell load allowed; INCERT [Belgium])
  • 36 hours (NFA2P [France])

The battery size is measured in amp-hours (Ah). The current values in the table denote the maximum current draw permitted to achieve the desired standby time with the listed battery types.

Battery size 4 hours  12 hours  24 hours 36 hours
4Ah 700mA – 
7Ah 700mA 500mA 250mA
14Ah (use 2 x 7Ah batteries connected in parallel, UL/ULC installations only) 700mA 470mA
18Ah 300mA* 
26Ah 500mA*

*Use 2 x 7Ah batteries connected in parallel, UL/ULC installations only.

To replace the battery in a DSC PowerSeries Neo:

If desired, put the system in test mode with the monitoring station before proceeding. 

  1. Disarm the panel.
  2. Power off the panel.
    1. Remove AC power from the panel.
    2. Disconnect the panel from the mounting plate.
    3. Unplug the battery connector.
  3. Remove the old battery.
  4. Power on the panel.
    1. Install the new battery by connecting the RED battery lead to the positive battery terminal and the BLACK battery lead to the negative battery terminal.
    2. Reconnect the panel to the mounting plate.
    3. Restore AC power to the panel.

Note: Verify the panel does not display a Battery Absent trouble condition. If the keypad still displays a low battery message, the new battery may just need time for the panel to recharge it. 

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