Panel Power Failure

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Panel Power Failure

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The Panel Power Failure trouble condition indicates the control panel is experiencing a loss of AC power, which may cause issues with remote commands, Z-Wave communication, and more.

How to resolve:

  1. Reconnect the panel’s AC power. Verify all connections are secure and the outlet is working. 
  2. If the trouble condition continues, disconnect the AC power and then disconnect the battery power (if applicable). Once the panel is off, reconnect the battery power and then reconnect the AC power. 
  3. If the trouble condition continues, verify the voltage is sufficient. For panel-specific information about power requirements, refer to the panel-specific guides in Panels.
    • If the voltage is not sufficient, the transformer or wires may need to be replaced. 

If the trouble condition persists after troubleshooting, contact Alert 360 Technical Support.

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