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Quarterly water valve tests remind you to test your valve every 90 days via the Customer app. Regular testing of water valves is important to identify any issues that may arise so they can be resolved before water damage occurs.


The quarterly water valve test is available on residential accounts in the United States and Canada with an Alarm.com certified water valve (i.e. FortrezZ and Watercop). 

To perform the quarterly water valve test: 

  1. Log into the app. 

    Note: The quarterly water valve test card appears in the app every 90 days. If a water valve is already closed, the test card does not appear because the valve may have been closed due to a leak.

  2. Tap Start water valve test


  3. There are a few options you can select. 
    • Close & open valve now to perform the test and close and open the water valve.
    • Remind me later to choose to be reminded later of the water valve test. The test card appears on the next login.
    • No, thanks to skip the test. You will then see the test card again 90 days later.


  4. If you select to Close & open valve now to perform the test, one of the following results appear: 
    • The test is successful if Alarm.com is able to verify the water valve closed and opened correctly. 


    • The test fails if Alarm.com is unable to verify the water valve closed and opened correctly. Try to manually close and open the water valve, and then perform the test again. If the behavior persists, contact your service provider.  


Additional information

For more information about quarterly water valve tests, contact your service provider. 



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