Reconnect an ADC-VDB770 if the Wireless Network or Router Changes

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If the ADC-VDB770 disconnects from the user’s network due to networking hardware replacement (e.g., a new router or access point) or Wi-Fi settings change, reconnect the device using AP mode or WPS.

Reconnect the VDB770 using AP mode:

  1. The camera is in Access Point (AP) mode when the button LED is blinking white. If necessary, access AP mode by holding down the doorbell button for 45-50s and release when the LED turns to blinking white.
  2. Using a Wi-Fi-capable device (e.g., smartphone or computer), find and connect to the camera’s network; the SSID should have the format ADC-VDB770 (XX:YY:ZZ) where XX:YY:ZZ is the last 6 characters of the MAC address, which is printed on the included reference card.
  3. On the same device, open a web browser and enter http://vdb770install or in the web address field. Follow the on-screen instructions to add the ADC-VDB770 to the Wi-Fi network. Verify the LED turns solid green, indicating the connection is complete.

Reconnect the VDB770 using WPS:

Note: Not all routers have the WPS feature. If WPS is unavailable, use AP mode to reconnect the VDB770.

  1. Press and hold the doorbell button on the VDB770 for 30-40 seconds until the button LED starts blinking blue.
  2. Put the router, access point, or Wi-Fi extender into WPS mode. This typically involves pressing the WPS button on the networking device. Refer to the manufacturer’s manual for more information.
  3. Wait approximately 2 minutes for the VDB770 to connect. Verify that the button LED turns solid green.


  1. If there are issues connecting the Video Doorbell to the account, power cycle the camera by pressing and holding the main button for 60-70 until the LED starts blinking yellow. After the camera reboots, try connecting again.
  2. If possible, power cycle the networking device that the camera is connected to, or move the camera closer to the networking device.
  3. If issues persist, factory reset the Video Doorbell by pressing and holding the main button for at least 75 seconds until the LED starts blinking red and green. The camera will reboot with factory defaults.

Important: If the camera was previously installed to an account, it will need to be deleted before it can be installed again.

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