What Can I Do If Someone Is Not Receiving Email Notifications?

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Identify why email notifications are not sending to an email address. Use the following to troubleshoot the email notifications: 

  1. Verify that the email address is spelled correctly and that the right email domain is being used (e.g., the email address is @gmail.com instead of @fmail.com).
    • Checking the email address’s junk or spam folder for notifications if the email address is correct.
  2. If the email address is included in the Users page on the website, verify that notifications for the email address are not paused.
    • If notifications for the email are paused, the email will be grayed out. If the email is paused, select the email to re-enable notifications for it.
  3. Verify that the desired notification has been created and is not paused. This is done by logging into the website and clicking Notifications.
    • Verify that the desired notification includes the correct email address as a recipient. If the correct recipient isn’t listed, add it by clicking  on the desired notification and clicking Add Recipient.
  4. Check Activity on the website to verify that the notification was sent.
    • If a notification wasn’t sent, verify the triggering action appears (such as an arming event). The cause for the notification not sending may be that the security panel isn’t signaling properly or isn’t communicating the triggering action properly.
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