What Can I Do If Someone Is Not Receiving SMS Text Notifications?

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What Can I Do If Someone Is Not Receiving SMS Text Notifications?

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If a someone is not receiving text (SMS) notifications:

  1. Verify that the phone number and cellular provider/carrier are correct.
    • To verify this using the website:
      1. Log into the website.
      2. Click Users.
      3. Click to select the user associated with the phone number.
      4. If any information is incorrect, click the phone number to edit it. 
  2. If the phone number is included in the Users page on the website, ensure that notifications for the number are not paused (if paused, the number will be grayed out).
    • If the phone number is paused, select the phone number to be able to re-enable notifications for it.
  3. Verify that the expected notification has been created and is not paused.
    • To verify this from the website:
      1. Log into the website.
      2. Click Notifications.
      3. Verify that the desired notification includes the phone number as a recipient.
      4. If it is not there, click  next to the relevant notification, then click +Add Recipient.
  4. Check Activity on the website to verify that the notification was sent.
    • If it wasn’t, make sure the triggering action does appear (such as an arming event), since the cause for the notification not sending may be that the security panel isn’t signaling properly or isn’t communicating the triggering action properly.
  5. If everything else appears normal, the cell phone may not be receiving text messages properly.
    • Restarting the phone and ensuring it has a good cellular connection can help resolve this. Otherwise, it may be necessary to contact the cellular provider to explore additional troubleshooting options.
  6. If the customer uses T-Mobile, and their text notifications have been paused, please have the customer contact T-Mobile in regards to their personal phone and request that shortcode messages be allowed on their account.
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