What do the LEDs on the ADC-VDB770 Mean?

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What do the LEDs on the ADC-VDB770 Mean?

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Status light guide

Note: The ADC-VDB770 does not give an indication when it detects motion or a button press.

LED PatternDescription

Power off

Solid red
No local or Internet connection

Blinking red
Power on, camera booting

Solid green
Connected to Alarm.com

Blinking green
Local network connection

Double-blinking blue
Unable to ring indoor chime
For more information about what causes this status, see What does the double-blinking blue LED on the ADC-VDB770 mean?

Blinking blue
WPS mode (press and hold button for 30-45s)

Blinking white
Wi-Fi Access point mode (press and hold button for 45-60s)

Blinking yellow
Camera power cycling (press and hold button for 60-75s)

Alternating red & green
Camera resetting to factory default (press and hold button for >75s)

Note: If the indoor chime is enabled for the device, holding down the button will trigger a single indoor chime immediately after being pressed. If desired, the indoor chime can be disabled through the Customer Website before pressing the button to initiate one of the above modes.

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