Why Is The Website Saying The User Code Is Invalid?

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Why Is The Website Saying The User Code Is Invalid?

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The user code is invalid error message is caused by an existing code that may be in conflict with a code you wish to add. The following are the main causes of this conflict. 

Duplicate code 

duplicate code error

The preceding error appears when either: 

  • A different user has the same exact user code, so a different one should be selected.
  • The panel’s duress code is the same as the user code the being entered, so a different user code should be selected or the duress code should be changed. 

Note: If the user does not have a preference, click Generate Code to generate a random available code for the user.

Five-button lock keypad

Five button keypad error

The preceding error appears when a Kwikset lock is attached to the system. Due to some Kwikset locks having two digits per button, there is an entry pattern limitation which decreases the number of possible codes on the system. For example, 1-3-5-7 has the same entry pattern as 2-4-6-8 so only one of these codes would be able to be used at once. This limitation applies to all Kwikset locks regardless of physical button layout.

Note: This applies to all user codes on the account, not just user codes added to the lock.


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